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Whither blogger outreach?

by David Cumings February 7, 2013 Blogger Outreach

Let’s face it, the term certainly has its issues. For those outside of PR, it probably sounds like somebody being a bit sick on their shoes, whilst within PR there are all those connotations of spam and bad practice. But putting all that aside for one moment, it’s clear that blogger outreach is in some […]

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Setting objectives for blogger outreach

by David Cumings August 10, 2012 Blogger Outreach

This follows on from our previous post about the background to objectives and measurement. We’ll keep it very simple for the moment, but there are two parts to the process of setting objectives in the digital space. 1. Setting business objectives 2. Setting campaign objectives You need to consider both of these in order to […]

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Blogger relations: how to discover the relevant blogs

by David Cumings June 7, 2012 Blogger Relations

Whatever campaign you’re currently working on, it is a fact that someone somewhere in the blogosphere will care passionately about the subject matter. As a credible PR, it is your task to find those people and reach out to them relevantly and in a way that demonstrates that you care about the subject of the […]

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