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Is Sharing Caring?

by Nicola Balkind June 1, 2012 Digital PR

Yesterday I spotted this tweet from Nextness editor Jessica Stanley (@dailydoseofjess), and it made me weirdly nostalgic for a long lost time… on Facebook. When I was a teenager, Livejournal was the social network of choice, although we wouldn’t have described it that way. (We also didn’t call it “blogging” until at least 2006, though […]

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ROI: the Holy Grail of online PR measurement

by Hugh Anderson August 15, 2011 Blogger Relations

I never cease to be amazed by the lack of clarity, consistency or really anything robust when it comes to measuring all forms of online marketing efforts, especially PR. Online measurement – being at least one step further than ‘monitoring’ – is a hot topic and one that will get increasing attention in the coming […]

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Measuring social media

by Hugh Anderson June 2, 2011 Blogger Relations

15.6 million is the number of results that you get from a Google search of “social media measuring”. Ouch, that’s a lot to trawl through, so let’s all hope that Google’s algorithms are doing a good job of prioritising the best ones. However, it gets worse as the 15.6 million results is less than half […]

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