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Blah at Best: Not-for-Bedtime Blogger Outreach Horror Stories

by Nicola Balkind May 8, 2012 Blogger Outreach

Allow me to be a Bad News Bear for a moment and give a little word of warning: bad blogger outreach campaigns can lead to worse PR. To borrow a phrase from Chris Houchens, “Blogger outreach in PR is like working with gasoline. Work with it correctly and it makes the vehicle go. Do it […]

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Digging for Big Data Gold

by Nicola Sinclair April 18, 2012 Blogger Relations

Do the words ‘Big Data’ make you yawn? Don’t worry – this post is not a technical trawl of data analysis techniques. Instead, it aims to show why Big Data is a trend we cannot afford to ignore. And more importantly, it offers some tips on where to jump in. What is Big Data? The […]

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Is DIM the new enlightened?

by Nicola Sinclair April 5, 2012 Blogger Relations

There comes a certain moment in any good house party when you will find yourself slumped on a sofa, clutching a G&T and contentedly watching the general hilarity. You feel a bit like an anthropologist quietly surveying a microcosm of society. There’s the Host, scurrying around trying to keep everyone in drink and Pringles. There’s […]

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Digital Darwinism: don’t miss the turning!

by Hugh Anderson February 14, 2012 Blogger Relations

My post last week looked directly at the importance of bloggers and why the public relations industry needs to embrace them. Within the context of the digital space, the following are now unquestionable: The Web has changed the way consumers and businesses behave. Every business has customers who are on the Web. The Web has […]

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ROI: the Holy Grail of online PR measurement

by Hugh Anderson August 15, 2011 Blogger Relations

I never cease to be amazed by the lack of clarity, consistency or really anything robust when it comes to measuring all forms of online marketing efforts, especially PR. Online measurement – being at least one step further than ‘monitoring’ – is a hot topic and one that will get increasing attention in the coming […]

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Measuring and Evaluating in Lisbon

by Hugh Anderson June 6, 2011 Blogger Relations

I’m off to Lisbon tomorrow for the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) 3rd annual European Summit on Measurement. This is where the big thinkers of digital communication expand on the theories and approaches to measurement. Except it should not just be theoretical – I am hoping that practical application will […]

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Influential in Social Media – are you sure?

by Hugh Anderson June 5, 2011 Blogger Relations

Forth Metrics aims to create robust metrics tied to objective business outcomes. Measurement is key and so is the process of setting clear customer goals to measure against. The social media industry suffers from a lot of ‘noise’ from a whole host of services that claim to provide insight into what is going on out […]

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Measuring social media

by Hugh Anderson June 2, 2011 Blogger Relations

15.6 million is the number of results that you get from a Google search of “social media measuring”. Ouch, that’s a lot to trawl through, so let’s all hope that Google’s algorithms are doing a good job of prioritising the best ones. However, it gets worse as the 15.6 million results is less than half […]

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Web Analytics Tools: too much like hard work?

by Hugh Anderson January 6, 2011 Blogger Relations

I am researching across the vast array of web analytics tools that are now available and it is proving to be an interesting exercise. One of the conclusions is that the level of complexity in the majority of the offerings remains far too high. The natural consequence of this is that unless you have an expert […]

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Small Business Analytics is Heating Up

by Hugh Anderson December 28, 2010 Blogger Relations

Lots of business commentators are talking up the importance of business analytics. A good recent example is Jeff Catlin, CEO of Lexalytics, whose company specialises in text analytics. He is quoted as saying growth for text analytics vendors in 2010 was 50% and is predicted to be 40% in 2011. He also goes on to […]

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