Hugh Anderson

A senior finance professional with a wealth of experience across accountancy and commerce. Currently applying those numerate and commercial skills to the development of web-based metrics for measuring online PR and driving the growth of an exciting early-stage business, Forth Metrics.

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Web Analytics Tools: too much like hard work?

by Hugh Anderson January 6, 2011 Blogger Relations

I am researching across the vast array of web analytics tools that are now available and it is proving to be an interesting exercise. One of the conclusions is that the level of complexity in the majority of the offerings remains far too high. The natural consequence of this is that unless you have an expert […]

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Small Business Analytics is Heating Up

by Hugh Anderson December 28, 2010 Blogger Relations

Lots of business commentators are talking up the importance of business analytics. A good recent example is Jeff Catlin, CEO of Lexalytics, whose company specialises in text analytics. He is quoted as saying growth for text analytics vendors in 2010 was 50% and is predicted to be 40% in 2011. He also goes on to […]

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