The best Public Relations blogs on the Planet?

50-list-shorterToday we published a list of  “the Best 60 PR Blogs” on the planet.

As you will see if you read our methodology, we’re not actually saying that these are the best blogs, but they are some of the best blogs based on how we’ve gone about assembling the list.

Ultimately the exercise is a bit of fun and a demonstration of the potential of Inkybee. We do recognise that it can be challenged in many ways:

There are many more blogs out there that are highly relevant to public relations; they just may not use the keywords and phrases that we have based our analysis on, or they may deal with broader subjects such as social media and marketing. The lesson there being that if you are looking for a broad range of blogs, you need to use a broad range of keywords to look for them.

The algorithms that rank the blogs are ultimately driven by human decisions. Tweaking the algorithms changes the ranking and we appreciate that there is an opaqueness to exactly how the different variables are calculated. This is partly because we don’t want to give away our ‘secret sauce’ but also because some web based data is simply not definitive. For instance, the measure of “audience visibility” can never be exact without knowledge of the exact traffic logs from the blogs themselves.

We are members of AMEC and will strive to contribute to their mission to define and standardise the measurement of web-based comms. Hopefully, one day soon we can publish metrics in these Lists that are defined and standardised.

In the meantime, enjoy the List for what it is and let us know what you think below.

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