Blogger Outreach Best Practice: What’s Next?

It’s great when hard work pays off and people appreciate your work.

We put a lot of work into our Best Practice Guide for Effective Blogger Outreach. As a result we believe it is the most comprehensive document on the subject available. But it still needs to find its way to the people that need it.

The Best Practice Guide for Blogger Outreach

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So thank you to the people who wrote about it including Danny Brown, Mike McGrail, Adrian Swinscoe and Tasha Pert at PR Moment.

Thank you to all of the people who retweeted it and shared it on their social networks.

Thank you to the people that said some very nice things. In particular:

Gini Dietrich – “Everyone who does blogger relations MUST download this eBook. Now.”

Arik Hanson – “The e-book every PR agency should download now”

Chris Abraham – “Have you read the free digital blogger outreach eBook by @ForthMetrics yet? A secret weapon of a book!”

Danny Brown – “It is such a well-timed and much-needed read … a very smart blueprint.”

Adam Vincenzini – “Download this bad boy…now!”

Adrian Swinscoe – ” a hugely useful step by step guide to reaching out and engaging bloggers”

Paul Sutton – “This is a fab guide. Worth downloading.”

And thank you to the hundreds of people that have downloaded it – we hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

We hope it continues to be shared around the globe to help everyone working in this area. But we’re not stopping there.

We really believe in the importance of this stuff, so we’re not about to rest. We want to bring the ebook to life and provide lots more insight in some more easily-digestible bite sized chunks. So we’re pleased to announce that next week we are kicking off the following:

1 A “blogger outreach step-by-step” series: a series of blog posts looking at every aspect of blogger outreach with illustrations, tips, tools and more.

2 A “blogger outreach interview” series: a series of video interviews with PRs and bloggers to demonstrate real-life stories of blogger outreach in action.

All appearing on this blog, so subscribe now to make sure you don’t miss it. And tell your friends . . .

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