The Best Practice Guide for Blogger Outreach

The Best Practice Guide for Blogger Outreach

The Best Practice Guide for Blogger Outreach. Photo credit: Bastographie /

It’s HERE. It’s NEW. It’s FREE. And to quote Chris Abraham “This is the book I should have written every day for the last six years!”

You can get your hands on our new eBook, “The Best Practice Guide to Blogger Outreach” via the link below.

It is a 39 page, comprehensive resource covering everything you need to know to get stuck into blogger outreach and to do it well.

We wrote it to help everyone trying to reach out to bloggers. Blogger outreach requires some very different skills and techniques to traditional media and the PR industry is at risk of developing a bad reputation from treating bloggers poorly.

As our last eBook, “8 Reasons Why Blogger Relations are Essential to your PR Strategy“, showed, the value of developing strong relationships with bloggers is large and growing, so it must be a win-win for both bloggers and PR professionals to educate everyone in doing it better. Blogger outreach requires time and patience. We believe an hour invested up-front in reading our eBook will pay dividends in the long run.

Included in the book are views from some of the leading lights of the industry on why blogger outreach is important, so to whet the appetite, here’s a flavour:

  • Sally Falkow “Reaching out to bloggers is a core function of PR today”
  • Paul Sutton “The communications industry is facing two major challenges at present: humanisation and relevancy. Those who have cracked blogger outreach understand the need to listen to bloggers”
  • Tonia Ries “Building relationships with bloggers and other online influencers offers marketers an enormous opportunity”
  • Kelsey Libert “Blogger Outreach creates partnerships that are pivotal to the success of any content marketing campaign”
  • Danny Brown “Treat bloggers as a bona-fide media source in both your pitching and follow-ups”
  • Gini Dietrich “Blogger relations is about relationships and specific targeting”
  • Adam Vincenzini “The expertise shared by a subject-specific blogger (a niche expert) is often much more compelling than a generalised report from a mainstream outlet”
  • Shelly Kramer “Maintaining an updated blogger database—as well as active relationships—should be a vital component of your outreach”
  • Mike McGrail “Content has never been more important and some of the best creators of brilliant content are bloggers”
  • Adrian Swinscoe “People that do blogger outreach well really stand out and I’m happy to help them”

It’s time to help the industry do blogger outreach better so we’ll be following this up with more blog posts and videos to help you. Now’s the time for you to get ahead of the game.

Please do let us know what you think of it in the comments below. And if you like it, please ‘spread the love’ by sharing this post with your network. Thanks!

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  • The first big step is sending your first pitch email. The pitch email is your brand’s first impression with a blogger. You wouldn’t show up to an important media dinner in pajamas, would you? You should take the same care and attention to detail as you would for a real life editorial meeting to writing and sending your pitch email.

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