Blogger relations: how to discover the relevant blogs

Whatever campaign you’re currently working on, it is a fact that someone somewhere in the blogosphere will care passionately about the subject matter. As a credible PR, it is your task to find those people and reach out to them relevantly and in a way that demonstrates that you care about the subject of the campaign too.

One of the major challenges in smart blogger relations is how to find the blogs that are writing passionately about the subject of your current campaign.

We’ve been working on this problem for a while and we’re currently testing a pretty useful tool to help you find relevant blogs. You can help us test it right now (see below), but first here’s a brief overview of some of the existing tools and processes you can use to find blogs.

Google Blog Search

Google Blog Search is the best place to start. You can convert any web search into a blog search by clicking ‘More’ in the navigation to the left of the results listing and selecting ‘Blogs’.

Google Blog Search


Blekko is a very useful search engine that promises spam free results. You can restrict it to blogs by using what they call a slashtag (“/blogs”).


Tumblr Spotlight

Tumblr Spotlight offers curated list of blogs relevant for a whole range of subject matters.

Tumblr Spotlight


Potentially getting a bit dated, but the Technorati directory does have over 1.3 million searchable blogs in it, so worth a look. Remember to toggle the search from the default ‘Posts’ to ‘Blogs’ to get more useful results.


There is also a bunch of other blog directories that can be searched for relevant keywords, the most well known being Blog Catalog, Alltop and Blog Rank.

Inkybee Blog Discovery Tool

As part of a suite of tools we’re developing for blogger outreach, we have a test blog discovery tool that you can go and have a play with.

Simply enter a keyword and it will find blogs for you and rank them based on relevancy, reach and engagement.

Inkybee Blog Discovery Tool

It’s currently in Public Beta, so why not be one of the first to give it a go. We’d love to get your feedback on how it performs for you.

Create an account by clicking the button below.

[Inkybee launch]

  • This is a terrific post, many thanks to @chiefmaverick for sharing it on twitter! Signed up for your beta, too, and will let you know!

  • Thanks Jessica. Hope you find the tool useful!

  • Guy Daines

    Hi David, good blog, do you have stats/research on how many people on average focus only on say 5 key blogs as their favorites, if you get what I mean. I have 9 blogs that I visit regular given the type of business I am in.
    Thank you
    Guy Daines

    • Thanks Guy, that’s an interesting point that you raise… A quick scout about on Google found this Hope that helps!

  • Hi – I signed up yesterday and am really liking your blog discover tool. I’m interested to find out what other ‘blogger outreach’ tools you’re developing?

  • Hi David, thanks for giving the discovery tool a go. It is just the first part of the fully integrated Inkybee tool that we aim to launch very soon. The full tool will enable you to create “Lists” from your discovery results, organise them according to the topics you are interested in and according to outreach campaigns that you initiate; and then finally provide some measurement of the results of your outreach. We’ll keep you posted.

  • Thanks David, I think the relation of bloggers  should be always warm as they are in identity one species . Thanks to share this article with us.

  • Brad Tollefsen

    Great list of tools to find bloggers to reach out to. I will definitely add these to my list of resources. Thanks David

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