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Traackr recently updated their A-List of the top PR 2.0 Influencers, so we perused the top five blogs for pearls of new media wisdom. Here’s what those at the cutting edge of modern marketing have to say.

Chris Abraham on why social is not a numbers game:

“You just have to be faster than Mark”

“You don’t have to be the fastest, the biggest, or the strongest in order to win at social media, you just have to be faster than Mark. Who is Mark? Well, I am sure you’ve all heard the joke about outrunning a bear . . .

Steve and Mark are camping when a bear suddenly comes out and growls. Steve starts putting on his tennis shoes. Mark says, ‘What are you doing? You can’t outrun a bear!’ Steve says, ‘I don’t have to outrun the bear – I just have to outrun you!’

In social media, you don’t have to outrun the bear, you just have to outrun your competitors — your real competitors, not your aspirational competition.”

  • Read Chris’ post in full

Heather Whaling on relevancy:

“We need the right set of tools to deliver the right message to the right audience”

“The most effective PR people are the ones who research each opportunity and develop a customized pitch. Be warned: If your pitch appears off-topic or feels like a “canned” message, it won’t pique the attention of traditional media, bloggers or this new set of online influencers. So, before you ask someone to pin your image or share content with a Facebook group, do your homework. Relevancy is rewarded.”

  • We’re keen on relevancy. Read Heather’s post in full and look out for our own forthcoming blog post on the subject.

Lee Odden on promoting great content:

“There’s a feeling that if content is really good, it will attract engagement all on its own. That’s a naïve perspective.”

“With a hub and spoke publishing model, themed content is published into a repository that represents a “go to” resource for topics that the brand wants to be known for. At the same time, that content can be promoted through spokes or social channels among communities that are interested. People often rely on content promotion to discover what’s new. Promotion can attract traffic, social shares, and links, which can all serve as useful signals to search engines and improve standard and social search engine visibility.”

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Deirdre Breakenridge on convergence:

“We’ll help to break down silos”

“What will PR look like as we approach 2015?

PR will be more integrated with marketing, advertising and customer service.  PR professionals will focus on communications strategy with a permanent seat at the strategy table. We’ll help to break down the silos and to work cross functionally with other areas of our companies. New strategies in monitoring, measurement, innovative communication, relationship building, reputation management and crisis management will give PR a direct path to the CEO. PR will be held more accountable and will have to demonstrate ROI, which is sales and revenue based.”

Gini Dietrich on measurement

“Social media breeds PR laziness”

“We’re approaching social the same way we’ve always done things. We’re collecting fans and followers and circles like they mean something to business growth. We’re inventing auto direct messages that are overtly sales-y. We’re claiming there is no ROI on awareness…you either have it or you don’t and PR is one way to help you achieve it. This is baloney.

…Integrating social into your PR and marketing programs is no longer an option…and neither is not measuring your efforts to real business results.

…It’s time to learn how to do this, no matter what your level of expertise. It’s the only way to keep social, well, social and keep your job from becoming extinct.”

  • For more expert PR advice, visit Gini’s blog

In the new media world dubbed PR2.0 these guys are the experts. They are also the best-connected influencers. It pays to find these guys for the markets that your business is seeking to develop. And then to listen, to learn and to engage.

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