A new word to describe an old PR problem

As a slight diversion from the usual theme of this blog in relation to the measurement of PR, earlier this week I was drawn to the other key theme underpinning the world of online PR: how to do it, or perhaps more accurately, how not to do it, especially in the context of blogger outreach.

My attention was brought to it via a blog post by Danny Brown, one of Canada’s top marketing bloggers. The tale is an amusing one, but cringe-worthy in relation to the pathetic naivety shown by the person concerned. In short, it demonstrates how not to try to engage with the target of your story. In this case it was a commercial property news site and the rules apply to an even greater extent when a blogger is being targeted. Danny’s top two tips are worth reiterating:

1. Respect their time and intelligence, and

2. Don’t be bolshy.

For me, the other key message in relation to blogger outreach is about researching the subject matter that your target talks about to make sure what you are sending them is relevant to them and their audience. Then of course, it all needs to be interesting, compelling and, if possible, entertaining.

The marvellous resource that is Hubspot covered this in a recent Inbound Now marketing podcast when they interviewed Jason Falls of the Social Media Explorer: “How to handle blogger outreach and pitching”.

Jason Falls

Finally, Danny’s post did teach me a new word for someone not doing a good job: an “ass-hat”, which is defined by the Urban Dictionary as “One who has their head up their ass. Thus wearing their ass as a hat.”!

  • Haha, always happy to share new words, Hugh, and thanks for continuing the conversation on what’s clearly still a problem. 

    And so agree with your addition of subject matter – there’s nothing worse than a vegan getting Slaughterhouse Weekly’s pitch to share the Top 10 Tips to Making Your Meat Grill Better… 😉

    Cheers, mate, and have a great week! 🙂

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