AMEC European Summit on Measurement review: Part 2 of 3

On the rooftop bar above Lisbon with AMEC executives, Mike Daniels and Barry Leggetter.

All the component parts were in place: top quality speakers, delegates, and industry bodies, and a challenging agenda to build on the foundations laid in Barcelona in 2010.

So what positives can be drawn? Arun Sudhaman’s review in The Holmes Report provides some stats on the definitive outcomes, but my take on the big wins is in the following areas:

1 Consensus across AMEC and the other PR organisations that global definitions and standards are a priority for the industry and that working groups across the various institutions would progress this agenda. This includes addressing the challenging area of social media and guidance on ROI.

2 An increased focus on client education programmes to educate clients on the benefits of clear, consistent measurement of value.

3 Affirmation that the Valid Metrics approach as a working model that can be applied in practice, moving the industry towards measurement of outputs, outcomes and business results.

4 Agreement to push the value of the “PR toolkit” and ensure that measurement of PR campaigns is an integral part of it.

We are still on the journey and it is not a straight road, so more on the challenges and conclusions in Part 3 tomorrow.

  • David G H Phillips

    It was an excellent conference and not without challenges.
    For me, the biggest challenge isĀ attemptingĀ to find an ROI for public relations. My view is posted on my blog and suggests that there is a lot of research needed to come up with a half decent answer.

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