Measuring and Evaluating in Lisbon

I’m off to Lisbon tomorrow for the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) 3rd annual European Summit on Measurement. This is where the big thinkers of digital communication expand on the theories and approaches to measurement. Except it should not just be theoretical – I am hoping that practical application will be a key consideration. Last year the Summit pronounced a framework called the Barcelona Principles which have been widely adopted and led to the more practical Valid Metrics Guidelines.

The jury is out on whether these do address the needs of digital communicators in the commercial world. Even AMEC chief Barry Leggetter called the Principles “a baby step”, so there is recognition that there is more to do. Jon Clement’s interview of AMEC director, David Rockland, in his blog certainly produced some interesting feedback.

One person I am looking forward to meeting in Lisbon is Katie Paine, the “Queen of Measurement”. Her blog, “The Measurement Standard” is the best I have seen in its field. She previews the Lisbon event here.

It will be hot. From all I hear, the intent is excellent, so let’s hope it’s not just hot air. It should be interesting.

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